But I’m not an ordained Pastor, and I didn’t go to seminary.”
“I don’t preach sermons, and I’ve never wanted to be in the pulpit.”
“I’m not anointed to do ministry yet. You have to be trained and educated first.”

Sound like any thoughts or fears you’ve battled in the past? Maybe leaders you respect have said similar things to you, or about you.

“There’s the preachers, and there’s the people in the pew.” “There’s the clergy, and there’s the laity.”
“There’s the ministers, and the ministered.”


In reality, this artificial gap between the pulpit and the pew could not be further from Biblical.

Being called by God–Ordination–has nothing to do with pastoring a church and everything to do with one’s personal, specific, God-given, “before the foundation of the world” assignment. As Christians, we are set free from the lies that hold us back from an abundant life; we are set free to experience the supernatural, super- radical, and super-inspiring callings the Lord has prepared for us.

The Bible shows how God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called:

* An Israelite slave called to be God’s personal spokesman (Aaron)
* A teacher called by God to preach the Good News to the Gentiles (Barnabas)
* A desert sheep herder called by God to deliver Words of wisdom (Jethro)
* A business owner called by God to financially support the early Church (Lydia)
* A prostitute called by God to protect His chosen people (Rahab)
* And hundreds more just like these are recorded in Scripture as saying “Yes!” to God’s call.

What has God called you to do?

“Set the Christians Free is a great book because it prompts so much deeper discussion on ministering in the marketplace. It’s both a starting point and a stepping stone for people who want to discover their callings. The biggest thing I’ve taken away from the book is the concept of the ‘lower-archy,’ which shows how the greatest leaders become the humblest servants.

Set the Christians Free is for people who want more from their faith than what a Sunday service offers. If you’re tired of mundane traditions and doctrines, then it’s time to take your relationship with the Lord to the next level!”

— Jacob Crawford, Proclamation of Ordination Conference Attendee

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Five Rivers Ministries founder David Allen penned Set the Christians Free to remind believers that we are called to perform “greater works than these.” Miracles are meant to happen outside the four walls of the

church, and the Holy Spirit is raising up a generation that says, “Here am I, Lord! Send me!”

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